Holdrege Local Proves a New Career Path can be a Reality at any Age


Starting down a new career path can be intimidating at any age, but especially if you're over sixty.

Later in life most people are starting to think about winding down and hopefully enjoying their retirement years, but for one local Holdrege man, it meant a new beginning.

"I'm so interested in the museum. I'm interested in art, in history and I just feel like I'm slipping right in here, and I'm loving it," said new Executive Director of Nebraska Prairie Museum Dan Christensen.

At 62 years old most people are thinking about social security and things of that nature, but when an opportunity for a new beginning arose, Christensen -- a longtime photographer -- was up for the challenge.

"My business was starting to declined. I had some minor health issues. And then the job of executive director opened up here and I thought I would just apply for it, and not really thinking I'd get it."

Christensen is now the executive director at the Nebraska Prairie Museum in Holdrege, and though he spent the last thirty nine years in the photography business, he's finding his new place to be a perfect fit.