Holdrege Needs Housing


Holdrege is in need of housing and the city is looking for the community to chip in with some ideas.

In a housing study done two years ago, there was a reported need for 150 homes, now the city has built or is in the process of building 35 houses.

The city hopes to have a 115 more homes built by 2017, but to achieve this goal the city is going to need more property. Now they want the public to give their opinion at Tuesday’s City Council meeting.

“I would love to see people show up their ideas they feel they want, what we should do and should look at,” said Bob Rager.

The city needs 56 more acres of residential land to meet their goal. Rager thinks ideal land to acquire would be portions of ag land on the opposite ends of 14th Avenue.

Holdrege is in need of low- and high-income housing.