Holdrege Public Schools Could See Consolidation


Moving three into one could be the future plan forelementary facilities in Holdrege.

A roughly 14 million dollar bond would create a newprimary school To be located on Broadway Street and 18th. Authoritiessay the current three elementary schools are not very efficient and are inserious need for renovations. The bond will include demolition of all threeschools, and two of those areas would become housing. School officials saythere are several reasons for a new building.

"We currently have instruction and assessment thatis taking place our in hallways, portable outbuildings, storage closets, andloading docks. For those reasons, as well as student safety, [we need this newschool]," shared Todd Hilyard, superintendent of Holdrege Public Schools."The estimate showed that one elementary building in Holdrege would saveapproximately 360,000 dollars in Year 1."

Voting on the bond issue will take place May 14th atthe Phelps County Fairgrounds.