Holdrege Safe Route to School Project Nears Completion


A project in the works for nearly seven years is almost complete for the town of Holdrege.

After years of delays, additional paperwork and other hoops that needed jumping through, the Safe Route to School project is nearing its end.

June 16th marked the start of construction on a project. The Safe Route to School project was given the go ahead in 2007 thanks to a federal grant. A major portion of the project links Holdrege Middle School to the sidewalk in North Park, making for a safer route for students.

"There's been times when it's been a little bit frustrating how long it takes a project like this to see it through all the way to fruition, but I think it'll be a great project for Holdrege when it's completed," explained HPS Superintendent Todd Hilyard.

Six-foot wide sidewalks that will go in on the east side of Grant Street are being added between 12th and 14th avenues, as well as two lighted crosswalks on 14th Avenue as well.

Many parents say they're looking forward to the new additions.

"We live in the west part of Holdrege. When our children were younger they attended the Catholic school on the east side of town. When they wanted to ride their bikes there were mornings that you didn't feel very comfortable about it because of the high traffic they were going to have to ride through. So we're very excited to see this come together," said HPS parent Jayme Schroeder.

While the grant was proposed through the school, officials say the trails and sidewalks will be a benefit for all in the community.

"It’s definitely going to be beneficial to the whole community. It’s mainly done for our students but both portions of the side are really going to be beneficial to the whole community," said Hilyard.

He says they are hopeful that everything will be completed and ready to use by the start of the school year.