Holiday Enforcement Numbers Roll In


2012 is now in the books for most of us, but that is not the case for Nebraska State Patrol as the "You Drink and Drive. You Lose." campaign comes to a close.

Total violation numbers may have been a lot, but sure enough numbers are down from last year's campaign.

The drop in numbers comes from a shorter program this year, and also because of winter weather. However, numbers are not dramatically lower when you take a glance at this year and last.

This year, we had 101 DWI arrests while last year we had 121. Speeding and seat belt citations also saw a drop when looked at side-by-side.

Officials do say the winter weather had a lot of play in this year's campaign as the number of driver assistance calls increased this year from 527 to 714.

Officials will use this information even though 2012 may be over. "We use this data to set next year's goals and objectives. We use it to seek our strengths and weaknesses; identify arrests made; see where crimes and wrecks are occurring, etc. It's data worth obtaining and worth looking at in order to help make an analysis to see where we can be more efficient," said Mark Williams, lieutenant for the Nebraska State Patrol.

Moving forward, officials don't expect this to be the time where they see the highest peak in citations.

"Typically when it comes to citations and warnings being issued, - winter months are slower and summers are higher," said Williams.

State Patrol received about $6,000 more in funding this year to hold the campaign. Both grants came from the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety.