Holiday Pet Photos Help Fundraising Efforts For Assistance Dogs


Two Kearney businesses join forces to help put a unique fundraising event in focus.

They aren't your typical models, but just as photogenic. The Posh Puppy and Baer Photography hosted a holiday pet photo session on Saturday, all to help raise funds for an organization that adopts and trains shelter dogs to assist people who are deaf or autistic.

For both, it's the satisfaction of knowing they can help somebody in need.

"Personally, anything that has to do with animals I love, that's why I'm in this business," said The Posh Puppy business owner Deb Karabel. "But where you can help people and animals at the same time, you can't kinda beat that."

"I'm happy to use my talents to benefit a great cause like 'Dogs for the Autistic and Dogs for the Deaf'. They definitely do great things," said Bear Photography's Brian Baer. "Pets are a big part of our family, we know how helpful they can be with other people going through difficult times, I'm just glad to be part of this effort."

Close to $300 will be donated to the national fundraising project that's hosted by the B.P.O.E.