Homelessness Issues Being Addressed In Kearney

21560724_BG1.jpg's not just a problem in the big cities. We deal with it right here at home, and you may be surprised at how big of a problem it is.

They may not be sleeping in the parks or on the streets... Nebraskans struggling with homelessness may either be living with family or in their cars.

Crossroads Rescue Mission officials saw the need to help and they're now at capacity with 42 residents; and a waiting list after only a year, and they're truly local..with 80 to 90 percent being from Buffalo and surrounding counties.

"I think the coolest thing, it's almost a blessing to bless people," said Crossroads Volunteer Organizer Jon Lange. "I think we get so much joy out of seeing other people excel and move out of places they really don't want to be in."

"I think it opens the community's eyes. I think that homelessness can be a real problem," said Crossroads current resident Rachel Frazier. "The homeless person actually has to accept they're in a bad situation and move on from that and either decide to take the road of taking these options of these places that will help or keep doing negative things and just ignore the fact there is a problem in their lives."

Crossroads Rescue Mission is a 100 percent donation based operation that helps residents with things like food, financial assistance and job placement.