'Honey Sunday' Helps ARC of Buffalo County


A local organization tempts your sweet tooth to help build a more inclusive community.

A little bear equals more opportunities. College students gather cases of honey to help the ARC of Buffalo County.

They went door to door collecting donations to help offset costs and provide opportunities for those with developmental disabilities and their families.

"The event is for two reasons, to create awareness for the folks that live in our community with developmental and intellectual disabilities," said Executive Director Kristen Larsen. "Then to raise money for local chapters and our chapter just happens to be a very active local chapter."

Kearney's Honey Sunday event brought in over $12,000 which will go directly to the Kearney chapter of ARC of Buffalo County.

REPORTER'S NOTES: ARC of Buffalo County will provide more opportunities to purchase "honey bears" at Kearney's Wal-Mart over the next few weekends.