Hope Harbor Sees Record Number of Sheltered Children


Grand Island – Although homelessness is a difficult number to measure definitively, it appears that more people, especially families, are residing in shelters, living in cars, or sleeping on a friend's couch or floor.

Statistics support the claim that homelessness and hunger are urgent issues in Grand Island and the surrounding area.

In Grand Island and greater Nebraska approximately 737 people are homeless, and the average age is 14. Currently, Hope Harbor is "home" to 33 children, the largest child population in its history.

The week of November 12th though the 18th is National Homeless and Hunger Awareness week and Hope Harbor asks Nebraskans to think of the people that have no home and are hungry around the community.

"Homelessness knows no boundaries, no bias based on age, gender or any other demographic. Now is the time to become involved. Reach out to local organizations and give time, donate. Assist us in providing for those who have so little during their time in need," said Hope Harbor's executive director Melissa DeLaet.

They ask those around the community to remember our homeless, our hungry and help fight hunger in Grand Island by donating to Hope Harbor.