How to Make Ends Meet While Furloughed


Thousands of people are sufferingthrough furloughs because of the government shutdown which has left manywondering how they are going to pay their bills.

Kansas State University Financial PlannerElizabeth Kish gave some advice and said the first priority should be yourhealth and safety.

Kish said "when you're trying todecide what to pay first, first of all you want to think about things that aregoing to keep the roof over your head so you want to keep your water on, yourelectric on, you want to eat. Those are the basics."

Experts also said to make sure you arepaying your health insurance and budgeting money for gas. People should also thinkabout things they can cut back on, like eating out, to save a little money.

The next thing to think about is howto pay creditors.

If there is not enough income toafford monthly payments experts suggest calling and arranging a paymentagreement before the payment is late.

They said to be sure to budget forwhat you can afford so you are making a reasonable plan.

"Don't say oh I can pay you $250 bynext Friday when you really have no idea where that money's coming from," saidKish.

"Be up front with them because as soonas you make an agreement and don't stick to it, then that is worse for you thanif you said well I really can only pay $50, but you can really do it," shesaid.

She also suggested using this time tohave a garage sale or sell unwanted items on EBay or Craigslist.