How to Make Healthy Habits Second Nature


Each year, half of Americans make a New Year'sresolution to lose weight and be healthier but only about 8 percent succeed.

Weight Watchers has some information to share on building healthy routinesthat can turn into lifelong habits:

Eatveggies or fruit with every meal or snack:

Fruits andvegetables are power foods that are healthy, filling andsatisfying. When youincorporate fruits and vegetables you can insulate yourself from some not sogreat choices.

Pack a snack beforeyou leave the house:

Think of aportable snack as your secret weapon, one that can help you sail right by thatpretzel kiosk at the mall, the hot dog stand at the game, the inevitable goodiepile at the office.

Ideas forsome "out of the box" portable snacks that will satisfy include peanut butter and applesandwiches, turkey mango strips and chocolate dipped fruit kabobs.

Eatyour meal free from distraction:

Get rid ofthe distractions that can cause you to overeat, such as TV and reading. You should also enjoy, focus and savor your food. Taking sips of waterand putting your fork down between every bite allows yourself time to feelsatisfied.


Start gettingactive with small steps, like getting up and walking at least five minutesevery hour. Having comfortable shoes at the ready will also encourage youto get moving.