Howard Elementary Makes Reading Fun


It can be hard to keep children motivated to read throughout the summer, but these are the months when either vast improvement can take place or when skills can revert.

That is why Howard Elementary in Grand Island is pushing for improvement.

Every Wednesday this month kids are invited to enjoy a celebrity reader as part of a summer reading program geared towards keeping kids interested and excited about reading.

"We decided that it would be really cool during the summer if we could get some celebrity readers to come in and read to the kids,"shared Howard Elementary teacher Amy Anderson. "They all have some kind of sports link, so we've had a soccer coach and we've had a track coach and had the football coach. Then we'll have a volleyball player. We just want to keep promoting that reading and then they always tell them how important reading is."

Once they are done enjoying reading time they are then invited to pick out library books to take home for them week, and then encouraged to exchange it with a new book the following week.

"Most of the kids they want to be here, they want to read. And it's fun to listen to them say, 'I love to read.' So this is a good thing for them to be able to do," Anderson goes on to say.

Teachers stress that continuous reading throughout the summer, even if it's only for a few minutes a day will have them well on their way when starting back at school.

Reporter Notes: The last celebrity reading will be June 26 at noon, at Howard Elementary in Grand Island.