Hundreds of Pounds of Pills Collected During Take-Back Event


More than 300 pounds of prescriptions were collected in Grand Island alone on Saturday as part of a nationwide drug take-back event that happens twice a year.

Last October the same collection site at Saint Francis Medical Center took in 215 pounds of drugs.

More than 7,000 pounds were collected across Nebraska.

"It's good for them to get rid of them if they're expired or old. We don't want them flushing them down the toilet. Then they get in with the ground water. It's also good for the narcotics so that they're not going out on the street," said Rebecca Frustaglio, a pharmacy student and event volunteer.

The Grand Island Police Department was a permanent prescription drop off point, but had to stop taking drugs after a problem was found with the incinerator they were using.

Chief Steve Lamken has said the department is working to once again take drugs year-round.

Frustaglio said the year-round service is needed in Hall County.