Hundreds Walk for MS Awareness


It’s a disease many people don’t hear about until someone they know is diagnosed, but a local multiple sclerosis support group is trying to change that.

Hundreds joined in the annual Walk MS event in Grand Island on Saturday.

Jodi Lang, a participant who is living with MS, says the walk raises awareness about the disease which causes a person’s immune system to damage nerves in their brain and spinal cord. She says it also connects people and families to others coping with MS.

“When I was diagnosed in 2009 I couldn’t even say multiple sclerosis, still have a hard time spelling it, but it is, a lot of people don’t know about it and if you look at someone, it’s a disease where if you look at someone you don’t necessarily think anything is wrong with them,” she said.

Around 300 people registered for the walk that started at Barr Middle School.

Money raised goes to the local support group, and to the National MS Society.

Click HERE for information about both of those.