Hunters Travel to Nebraska Hotspots


At one time McCook was a national hotspot for pheasant hunting. Over the years popularity shifted to South Dakota, however Nebraska is still popular for lots of hunters.

Nebraska continues to attract hunters from all across the nation during the fall, with many visiting towns like Arapahoe, McCook and Kearney to hunt and shop.

Pheasant season is underway and firearm deer season begins November 13-21.

Some hunters go after birds and deer here, others are just passing through, but either way Nebraska's popular retailers keep people coming back.

"We do get a lot of traffic west-east, east-west, north-south," Cabela's representative, Randy Wilson said.

"It's great to come to the store where you can actually put your hands on the product and see those clothes in the catalogs," hunter Ron Nelson said.

Although summer is the top season for tourists to visit Nebraska, things in the fall can get pretty crazy.

"This week will be busy," Wilson said while talking about preparing for the firearm season.

Many retailers gain funds from travelers, especially in the southwest part of our state.

Harlan to McCook is one of the most popular destinations for pheasant hunters.

Many come from our sister states, others from different places including Nelson, who is from Las Vegas.

Hunting and related gear makes up the largest portion of Cabela's sales and fishing comes in second.

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