Husker Notes and Quotes


*-Nebraska suffers its first loss at Pinnacle Bank Arena, as the Huskers were7-0 entering Thursday's game.
*-The loss was the first in two seasons by five points or less for Nebraska.The Huskers were 8-0 in games decided by five points or less before tonight.
*-Nebraska shot a season-high 53.1 percent from the field, while the 70 pointswere the Huskers' highest total in Big Ten play.
*-Deverell Biggs' 14 point effort was his highest total in Big Ten play andmost since scoring 18 points against Northern Illinois on Nov. 30.
*-Nebraska shot a season-best 91.7 percent from the foul line.
*-Michigan's 62 percent was the highest against Nebraska this season.

Nebraska Head Coach Tim Miles

On the final series

"I have to say I didn't see a lot of it.Everyone was jumping up in front of me. I saw Terran (Petteway) going up, and Ithought we had a pretty good tip on it the first time. We tried to run a nakedscreen and roll action, so that maybe if they doubled Terran that Leslee(Smith) would be open. Or if Terran got a shot up, we'd have a free run at therim. And I think we got that. I thought the play that really hurt us was whenwe have an offensive rebound with a minute and a half or whatever it was, andyou just don't secure it and (Glenn) Robinson III goes down and dunks it to goup two. That just sticks out there. Our two plays where it seemed like we hadeverything under control and then they make a play."

On the defense
"We just ignored it. What can you do? And you say ‘don't worry about it' andwhatever. I thought the guys played a pretty good defensive half. I thoughtMichigan really made a lot of shots. I thought we played good defense, but inthe second half, that's a different conversation. That's where I thought welost some of our defensive discipline. We made some errors. Guys just drivingright by us. I didn't push up on (Nik) Stauskas, and late I think they got fourstraight screen and rolls. We didn't tag it the way we had been earlier. CoachJohn Beilein had tweaked it a little bit. Those freshmen and sophomores don'talways recognize it. So we went zone and I thought the zone kept us around."

On if he'd like an explanation onwhat happened
"That's kind of a philosophical discussion. If you want to playgolf this summer, we'll think about it then. At this point in time, replay isimportant. Replay for the right reason is important. To change a call like thatis probably hard to do."

On if Walton shooting is what helooks for in that situation
"I don't know who the drive was designed for. Coach Beilein wouldprobably know better than I. When you are in zone, there's a few guys out therethat you know are going to hurt you. I don't really like anybody scoring onus."

On last play decisions

"You sit there and the first thing I saidcoming off was, ‘should I have'? Should I have ran it for Deverell Biggs? Hehad some screen and roll stuff go for him, but Terran was making a whole bunchof plays late after really struggling. I thought we had it naked, which meansthere should've been no help there so we have a free run at the rim. I didn'tsee a lot of it. Somebody told me we had a good tip on it and it didn't go.That's all you can ask for. And I believe in all of our guys. One over theother; you are kind of splitting hairs."

On Biggs' performance
"He made a whole bunch of defensive errors. Guard the ball errorsright before that. Right from seven or whatever down to five. Spike Albrechtgot around him twice, he didn't help on a three on Stauskas. Tai (Webster) hadjust been more solid. It just felt like we needed to be solid. We like biggerguards in the zone too. And to be honest, one time he came out in the firsthalf because we'd run two plays for him and then we are running a play foranother guy, and he just kind of doesn't initiate the play and kind of does hisown thing. I quick hooked him and said, ‘no man. Listen, I'm going to runplenty of stuff for you and run stuff for the other guys. You'll be there.'That's just a patience thing with Deverell. And it's going to come. There's nodoubt about it. Right now, I feel that instead of just leaving him out there tojust make mistakes, we can't give up possessions, so I'm going to bring him outto talk to him and let him go back out. He could've easily got five, six, sevenmore minutes without any issues. You really got to play good defense. You can'tjust get beat consecutively like that. If they feel like they can takeadvantage of you, you'll be trouble. I thought Deverell was really good when hewas in there, and he was doing both. And he'll improve. I don't think there'sany question about it. Junior college kids can practice all they want. , butuntil you get out there in the bright lights, it takes some time to develop.He's going to learn a lot every night out."

SophomoreForward Terran Petteway

On the last drive of the game
"Like Coach [Tim Miles] said, it was supposed to be a ball screen with nohelp, but I guess they were all sagging off. It was like a bang-bang play, butall I was thinking about was getting to the rim. I made that layup five timesbefore that and missed the game one. It kind of hurt. It's the worst feelingletting your teammates down at the last second when we could have won a gameagainst Michigan."

OnMichigan's three-point shot at the end of the first half
"We weren't worried about it. They were playing a good half. They took thelead by a last-second half-court shot, so we weren't too worried about that. Westuck to the game plan and fought hard to the end."

OnMichigan taking the lead in their last offensive possession
"It was a miscommunication by me. I should have switched on Tai [Webster].That wasn't his fault. I should have switched. I messed up and [Michigan]got the and one. It was just miscommunication, really."

Onif there was any sense of victory after coming off a loss at Ohio State
"You could say that, but we all don't like losing. Even though we lost byone to Michigan, it still hurts. It's just not a good feeling. I don't want tolose to anyone, really. We should have won the game. We can salvage this as aloss and move on to Purdue."

Onif he gained confidence throughout the game
"Coach and my teammates just told me to keep driving the ball. They knew Iwas struggling. I was struggling hard in the first half. They just told me tokeep going to the rack. Coach threw up some plays for me in the second halfthat kind of helped us get a little momentum going. He just told me to keepdriving, keep driving. That's what I did and the shots were following."

Seniorguard Ray Gallegos

Onthree-straight three-pointers in the first half
"My teammates we looking for me. They told me just to stay confident andkeep shooting. It's kind of what I did, just moving off the ball and stuff."

Onwhat the team can take from this game to Purdue
"We've just got to take it to practice, go over there, scout and just stickto the game plan with them. We'll be ready to play."

MichiganHead Coach John Beilein


"What abasketball game. If you watch these games, last night I think in watching PennState and Minnesota and all the other games, all the games are going to be likethis one. Tim has a great team here, this is going to be a team that getsreally good as long as they stay together and stay unified and keep playingtogether. They really got a lot talent, and he will do the right job with it.We were really fortunate to get this win, we shot 62 percent from the floor, wecouldn't stop them, thank goodness we shot the ball well."

On the endblock/charge call

"Well, Ilove the way it went, I loved the way it went. I don't know the block andcharge calls are very confusing everywhere in the country. I am sure the peoplethat make these rules are going to find ways to make it better and make itclear to understand. I am just glad we finished it."

On JordanMorgan's game

"It wasreally good. We have seen this, you have all saw this anyone who has been withus, when we won the Big Ten Championship and had that good year three yearsago. He can get things done, he just needs to have confidence. We will take itif it is him one night and Jon the other night. Who knows who is going to getthis down, but Jordan was really good."

On the end ofthe game, if he was holding his breath

"Oh yeah,we want to make the foul shot, and then we don't do that. Then you are goingone way or the other in a one-point game. The ball was up and it looked like ithad a chance, the next one had a better chance. We have been on the other endof that last year for a Big Ten Championship on the line. Fortunately it wentour way."

On the team'sexecution out of time outs

I think theyare getting better at understanding the timing. The coaching staff does a greatjob getting the pace and space to do it correct. It was big for us to do that acouple of times."

Michiganforward Glenn Robinson lll

On the end ofthe game

"Our planwas to just get to the rim. We did a great job finishing that layup, eventhough there was some contact. The last play was tough. We have beenworking on that throughout practice. We just had to tough it out and play togetheras a team through the whole game."

On the shot atthe end of the first half and its impact

"That hada great impact you know. We were a little bit down because they had just cameback and hit a couple of threes. After Derrick (Walton Jr.) hit that shot, itamped us up. I thought we had great energy going into halftime and right outthe gates we had that same energy. If we play that way we should be a prettygood team."

MichiganCenter Jordan Morgan

On the lastplay defensively

"We knewhe (Petteway) was going to get the ball, he just had a down hill mindset so itwas on us to try and stay in front of him without fouling him and putting himon the free throw line and then try and get the rebound. Our guys did a reallygood job of that."

Michigan GuardNik Stauskas

On the secondhalf, back and forth play

"Yeah Ithink both teams were doing a really good job of scoring the ball. I think bothteams had a hard time stopping each other. Coach was giving me a lot of greatopportunities to attack and we found JMO (Jordan Morgan) open on a few shots,and I got some too. That is all you can ask for."

Courtesy UNL Sports Information