Hy-Vee Has Big Impact on Kearney Area Retailers


Gas prices lowered the same day the new Hy-Vee opened up in Kearney. AAA Nebraska says super unleaded gasoline in Kearney was $3.57 three hours before Hy-Vee opened up, but when the store opened later in the day, the price had dropped to $3.49, a difference of 8 cents.

Many gas stations in town followed the Hy-Vee price. AAA says the competition helps motorists.

“That decline in prices may be short lived. Retailers may only offer it for a special period of time during a grand opening; they may decide to stay competitive for a long term basis,” said Rose White.

One local butcher shop is making adjustments to his business as the mega-store comes to town. Trautman’s Quality Meats will be adding more seasonings and different types of sausages. The store has customers from all over central Nebraska and the owners are confident in their product.

“I’m always playing with new recipes and we try to make something that’s fun, flavorful and interesting for my customers,” said Kerry Trautman.

Trautman thinks the new Hy-Vee will bring more people to town, which in return will help his business.