Indoor Garage Sale Offers Something for Everyone


Garage sale season kicked off early on Saturday, as hundreds of people came to find their treasures.

Sponsored by NRG media, they've billed it as 'Central Nebraska's Biggest Garage Sale', giving folks an opportunity to find everything under one roof without dealing with weather or travel.

And while many found their necessities at a discount, for some it's about cleaning out their closet.

"People have this desire to collect stuff, I mean you just have to look around town in the community and see all the storage lockers being built," said NRG Media's Mark Reid. "That means people are collecting stuff, and not necessarily getting rid of it. So this is an opportunity for people to really say 'hey I've got a quite a bit of stuff here, a lot of clothing I want to sell. I need to get rid of it, where do I do that?'"

Plans are already being made for next year's event.