BCBS Offers Grants To Good Sam and UNK


By Connie Weight Twitter @ntvonnieweight

During the tough economy, funding is key to keeping programs going.

At the community Olympics closing ceremony, Blue Cross Blue Shield presented checks to Good Samaritan Hospital and UNK.

Good Sam will offer a smoking cessation program to students at Kearney Public Schools, and UNK will start physical activities program at Central Elementary. Officials are greatful for the contribution.

"We're just really appreciative of Blue Cross and Blue Shield because without these grant dollars we wouldn't be able to do this program," said Good Samaritan Hospital's Lesley Lafile.

"It's making a big impact for UNK as well as Kearney Public. Everybody is feeling the budget crunch and so with any type of grant that's available," said UNK's Megan Adkins. "If we can help each other that will make a big difference."

UNK's program is a pilot program and will start in the fall semester, and Good Samaritan's will be in September.