Internet Addiction Program 'Reboots' Web Addicts


For some people the Internet is a veryserious source of addiction and starting Monday there's professional help forthat.

This week the country's firstin-patient Internet addition treatment center will open in Pennsylvania.

The Bradford Regional Medical Centeris offering a 10-day treatment program for those that are diagnosed withInternet addiction.

Experts say this is a problem thatprevents them from functioning in life normally.

Up first in the line of treatments isdigital detox. Patients are prohibited from using all devices and the Internetfor 72 hours during the cleanse.

Therapy sessions and seminars followthe three-day purge.

The program runs a high price tag ofaround $14,000 and, because Internet addiction is not classified as a mentalillness yet, the cost is not covered by insurance.

The goal of the program is not forpatients to avoid the Internet all together but rather learn to use the web inhealthy and practical way.