Investigated for Child Abuse


The death of a three-year-old girl is investigated for child abuse. The Gothenburg Police Department says 3-year-old Misty Herrin was unresponsive when she was taken to the hospital on Tuesday. She was brought to the emergency room for a head injury by her mother, Doris Herrin, and the mom's boyfriend Adam Jesseph. Both are from Gothenburg.

Misty was removed from life support and pronounced dead yesterday afternoon. Her seven-year-old sister has been placed into protective custody while the case is investigated. Jesseph told NTV on the phone he thinks the child took a fall and smacked her head while left unattended in her bedroom.

He says he and his girlfriend are grieving the loss right now and do not wish to speak. His friend who was home with the family the night before the incident spoke to NTV to give her reaction. "They took care of the kids," said Alexis Ryan of Gothenburg. "I don't see how it could've been child abuse because I didn't witness anything.

Doris Herrin is reportedly an employee at the McDonalds in Gothenburg. Jesseph says they are in North Platte for the time being. The Gothenburg Police Department did not wish to give an interview on the matter.

Reporter's Notes:

If there are charges, they will not become before further investigation. Investigations of this nature typically include an autopsy report and interviewing any other children in the home, which in this case was one, a 7-year-old now in protective custody.