Irrigation Companies Busy with Storm Damage


Storm after storm has kept local irrigation companies busy.

Phones don't seem to stop ringing at Stoltenberg Irrigation near Cairo.

"Definitely seeing a lot of pivots being replaced, more replacements than repairs," said owner Ed Stoltenberg.

Stoltenberg said he's dealing with well over 100 damaged machines -- many from a storm two weeks ago that hit Curt Carlson's farm in Hamilton County.

"We'll probably do a lot of the labor and a lot of the work ourselves if we want to get [our pivots] back up and running," said Carlson.

"There's going to be a lot of machines that probably won't get running in several spots of the state until maybe the latter part of July due to availability and just manpower," said Stoltenberg.

He said it could cost farmers from $1,000 to repair up to more than $100,000 to replace pivots.

Stoltenberg said the majority of his customers have insurance to cover most of or all of that cost.

Some, unfortunately, have time to wait for repairs.

"There's been a lot of crop damage also and some of these pivots might not need to run," said Stoltenberg.

For those that do need to run, the machines will be needed soon.

"Obviously we can't delay. Irrigating season is going to come whether we want it to or not," said Stoltenberg.

He said, for now, manufacturers are keeping up with demand.

Stoltenberg encourages farmers dealing with damage to work closely with their pivot dealers and insurance adjusters.