Jack Russell is Alive and Home


It's the happiest ending to a story many of you have not forgotten. Jack Russell has been found alive and well.

It was a graphic accident on Tuesday when a semi truck hauling cattle went careening off of the Platte River Bridge on South Locust.

The driver who had lost his wife two years ago, said, now he had lost everything. He was unable to find his driving companion even as the wreckage began to clear, but on Sunday night they were reunited.

"Freddie Bosselman asked me ‘where we were going to watch the game' and I told him ‘on the river,'" said David Schnase, recalling Saturday's events. "He said, ‘keep an eye out for that little Jack Russell terrier, he's still missing' and I didn't think there was much chance," he said.

Truthfully, there wasn't much hope either. With no sightings or signs in five days, the odds were that the 20 pound terrier had succumbed to the elements or injury.

"I never believed we would find him," said Raymond King, the dog's owner. If you ask David, nobody ever did.

"It was like he found me," said David of Jack. "I got out of my truck and all of a sudden this little dog came running around the front of the building yipping and jumping on me."

Jack's short tail was the distinguishing mark said David, the tail and his trail. "He smelt pretty good, he was having fun as a dog, finding stuff to roll in," he said, smelly but sound and now safe.

"I picked him up and put him in the garage got him food and water...I think he was just happy to see someone I think," said David.

After calling the Humane Society, Jack got a bath, a nail trim, and then the next day a two hour car ride to Concordia, Kansas to be reunited with his master.

"He started howling," said King, and he started crying.

"I am totally surprised," said King about the recovery. "This would never have happened in Kansas." King said he doesn't know how to thank everyone, "I want to thank them so much, I know they were out there every day looking for him."

Jack was found just yards from the accident site across South Locust. Raymond said Jack got his favorite dinner on the ride back to Kansas, a McDouble from McDonalds.