Jail May Use Wristbands to Track At-Risk Inmates


A week after a suicide attempt from a high profile inmate, Hall County considers a high tech approach to the issue.

The Hall County Jail was approached about a product called AliveLock.

It may be used with at–risk inmates to monitor their heart rate and oxygen levels, all from a wristband.

Assistant Corrections Director Jimmy Vann said, "If the band is tampered with, it alarms, it notifies our staff, as well as if their vitals go up or down. It's a really neat tool, we're going to look at trying it out."

Vann briefed the Hall County Board about the new technology, saying the jail may be a test site for the product.

As the board learned, it wouldn't replace other policies and procedures. But it would be one more tool to watch inmates, especially those who may try to harm themselves.

Just last week, murder suspect Michael Petersen was hospitalized after the county attorney says he attempted to kill himself.