Jealousy May Have Fueled Robbery of Strip Club Dancers


Jealousy may have fueled a weekend robbery, where a masked gunman took nearly $20,000 that belonged to strip club dancers.
The women, dancers at a notorious strip club, were robbed around 7:30 Sunday morning in Grand Island.
Officer Butch Hurst said, "Officers arrived on scene, determined $16–18,000 in cash was stolen along with computers, iPads, and other things." The county attorney says three men went to their room at the Conoco Motel, brandishing two guns as they threatened and robbed three women. Police reports said four women were robbed. Arrested was Hussein Hussein. He faces six felony counts.
County Attorney Mark Young said in court that Hussein had a prior relationship with the dancers, because his girlfriend works with them.
Young said that Hussein was apparently mad his girlfriend wasn't making as much money.
They worked at the Edge, a strip club outside Grand Island that's been investigated for prostitution.
The bar came to the county's attention two years ago when the state patrol described a bed mounted to a mechanical bull.
"Patrons are allowed to lay on that, dancers straddle them. There's a lot of improper contact," Investigator Lorri Rogers told the Hall County Board of Supervisors in October 2010.
The Edge lost its liquor licence two years ago. The county issued an amusement license earlier this year, giving the sheriff a way to regulate the establishment.
Sheriff Jerry Watson told NTV that deputies continue to periodically walk through what is now a topless juice bar. The Edge is not accused of any wrongdoing in this case, but appears to be the common thread linking Hussein and the dancers.
And at least two more men could be implicated.
"We're still investigating but one has been arrested so far," Officer Hurst said.
Police say one woman was hit in the face with a gun, suffering injuries.
The public defender was appointed to represent Hussein, who has a California drivers license.
The county attorney said Hussein was identified by the victims, even though his face was covered. One of his associates referred to him by his nickname "Rico", revealing his identity.
Hussein told Judge Art Wetzel that he needed to be released from jail, and suggested wearing an ankle bracelet.
"Put me on house arrest," he said. "I have to get out of here because I'm in danger."
Hussein told the court that his girlfriend had been threatened and he needed to protect her.
Judge Wetzel said he was concerned with the robbery allegations first, and said the state would follow up on any threats to Hussein's girlfriend.
The judge set bond at $100,000. Hussein was ordered to have no contact with the robbery victims.