Jensen Wants to Be Change for Grand Island


Financial advisor Jeremy Jensen says he's lived in GrandIsland since he was five years old.

Known by many as Grand Island Senior High's boys soccer coach, he says he wantsto help the city build a better team.

Jensen was a last minute addition to the race – he didn't turn in his paperworkuntil Monday, the last day to file. He saysthat's because it was a big decision, but one he's been thinking about formonths.

The husband and father of three says he does not believe Grand Island is in abad place, but does think the city needs a change starting at the top.

"I really think it needs to have somebody in leadershipthat is willing to hand over the reins and really make it a collaborativeeffort where you have very key people in key roles that basically handle theday–to–day operations with their expertise," says Jensen.

He says his vision for the city can be summed up in a sports analogy – the cityadministrator should be the head coach, while the mayor should be like ageneral manager.

Jensen will be running against two others for the spot – current Mayor JayVavricek and current city council president Chuck Haase.

Only two names will be on the ballot come November – the two with the mostvotes from the May primary will move on to the general election.