Jerky Treats May Be Harmful to Your Pet Says FDA


Kansas City – The FDA is asking for the public's helpin an investigation into potentially harmful jerky treats. They have asked thegeneral public and their veterinarians to send any information they have iftheir pet has become ill after eating jerky treats.

Since 2007,the FDA says they have received reports of 3,600 dogs and 10 cats becoming illfrom eating jerky treats in the U.S. Approximately 580 of those pets have died,according to the FDA.

Most of thejerky treats involved in the illnesses have been from China.

Vets areencouraging people to be aware of treats made from jerky tenders or strips madeof chicken, duck, sweet potatoes or dried fruit.

Pet ownersshould take their dog or cat to a veterinarian immediately if they notice signsof lethargy, decreased activity, decreased appetite, vomiting, diarrhea(sometimes with blood or mucus), increased water consumption and/or increasedurination.

"As always,anytime your pet is exhibiting abnormal behavior or symptoms of sickness, takehim to your family veterinarian or nearest emergency veterinarian as soon aspossible," said Dr. Neil Shaw, chief medical officer of BluePearl VeterinaryPartners.

Potentialjerky pet-treat related illnesses should be reported online or by calling thestate FDA Consumer Complaint Coordinator.

Moreinformation can be found on the FDA website by clicking here.