Johanns and Fischer React to Senate's Farm Bill Vote


Senators Fischer and Johanns react to the Senate's vote of 66 to 27 infavor of the Farm Bill.

Fischer released a statement in favor of the bill's passage. She said the bill "goes a long way in providing certainty for Nebraska's farmers sothey can continue to produce healthy, safe products to feed the Nation and theworld."

Fisher also praised the bill for maintaining and strengthening thecrop insurance program and for its support of conservation and disaster-relatedprograms.

While overall Sen. Fisherexpressed her support of the bill she said "over 80 percent of funding in thisbill goes toward the nutrition title, which received only a fraction of cutscompared to the overall hit taken by agriculture."

Fischer supported anumber of amendments to achieve further savings in the nutrition title which ultimatelydid not pass.

She said "I will continueto support efforts to eliminate unnecessary spending as Congress continues thelegislative conference process."

Johannsalso expressed favor for the passage of the Farm Bill. He said "long-term agpolicy is a necessity for our farmers and ranchers."

TheSen. was not 100-percent satisfied with the bill, saying "while this isn't thefarm bill I would have drafted, it's better than no farm bill at all."

Hebelieves that the government has a responsibility to give ag producers securityas they work to produce food to support a growing population.

Fora farm bill to become law, the House of Representatives would also have to nowpass its version of a farm bill. The two pieces of legislation would then bemerged in a conference committee and presented for the President'sconsideration.