Johanns: Fixing Website Won't Solve Problems with Health Care Law


President Barack Obama spoke at a Rose Garden event Monday asking Americans to be patient as computer problems continue to keep many from signing up for health insurance through the new exchanges.

Obama says he's confident the administration will be able to fix the problems, guaranteeing that everyone who wants to get insurance through the new exchanges will be able to do so before the deadline.

However, some critics of the health care law say fixing the website won't overcome all of the law's defects.

Sen. Mike Johanns said in a statement following the president's news conference, "An overhauled website isn't going to fix the underlying fact that Obamacare is not a workable law."

Johanns says the Affordable Care Act, or so-called "Obamacare", has led to higher costs and the loss of some families' current health care coverage.

The Republican senator is calling for the President and Congress to stop the "most damaging provisions of the law" or to repeal it altogether.