Jon Bruning's Run For Governor Different Due To Health Scare


After throwing his hat into the ring in a bid to become governor, Attorney General Jon Bruning has wasted no time starting his campaign.

With just a few months left until the May primaries, Bruning has spent the last week on a whirl–wind tour of cities and towns throughout Central Nebraska including a stop in North Platte on Thursday.

This isn't Bruning's first attempt for a higher position in government. He ran for Senate in 2012, but he says this race is different due to his recent health scare.

"I'm very blessed. I think the Good Lord was looking out for me when I didn't win that senate race because I got checked for colon cancer, and they found it and my life was saved by the Good Lord and by those doctors," said Bruning. "So I think I'm a different guy. I'm a lot humbled after going through a loss in the senate race and with the health scare and it just makes you look at things a lot differently."

Bruning will be running as a Republican against five other opponents including Tom Carlson, Mike Foley, Beau McCoy, Pete Ricketts and Bryan Slone.