'Junktoberfest' Offers Unique Finds for Collectors, Crafters


Eclectic and vintage shopping takes on a whole new meaning, as the art of making the old new comes center stage in Kearney this weekend.

One man's junk is another's newest project, as shoppers pick through unique raw junk and repurposed items at 'Junktoberfest'.

Thanks to collectors and sites like Pinterest, more people seem to be drawn to events like this to find something nobody else has - even if they already have enough junk they don't know what to do with.

"A lot of people come just to get ideas to do with their junk," said Junktoberfest coordinator Courtney Pollmann. "They look at it from a completely different light, so it's just so much fun to get the ideas, even if you're not coming to spend money just to come talk to the different vendors, see why they got started and see, it's fun to see people do what they love to do."

Over 40 vendors from as far as Texas and Iowa showed their junk, hand made jewelry and crafts this weekend.

The next 'Junktoberfest' will be in McCook in October.

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