Just Ask Mom- Dealing with Picky Eaters


Here are five tips to get your picky eater kids to get the nutrition they need:

Little Assistants

Have the kids helpmake supper. When your kids to get touch and see the food as it is beingprepped, they are more likely to experiment with taste and think it isn't sobad.

When you are prepping for supper, allow them to help and offertastes of the food as well as the seasonings.

Something as simple as shuckingcorn can make dinner friendlier.

Offer Choices

Give the kids each a vegetable ormeat or whatever that they can opt out of eating but have them replace that food with somethingelse. This gives the kids confidence in their decision-making skills, andempowers them to make healthy choices. Here are some suggestive phrases:

"Feel free to have some ice cream when you finish your broccoli."

"Don't want to eat brussel sprouts? You may pick either corn orthe mixed veggies from the table."

Another quick tip: Growing yourproduce helps introduce your kids to the idea of eating it.

Puree Puree Puree

Add something the kids don't like into a favorite dish such as putting carrots, cauliflower, zucchini into a meatloaf or adding cauliflower to Mac n Cheese.

Keep it Simple

Kids aren't fans of gourmet meals. The simpler the better.

When eating meals with your kids, keep at eye on what theygravitate towards and plan your meals accordingly.

Cut the Filler

When meal time arrives and your child would rather make faces athis siblings or crawl under the table, consider why they aren't hungry. Don't give snacks in the few hours before dinner. Hunger is a great motivator to try new foods.

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