Kansas' Biggest Rodeo


Team Ghost Riders hang on for the ride of their life. But it's all about confidence. Team member Tim Lepard explained, "I actually kiss those monkeys on the face. It's a trust that I have with them, it works."
Not only a little bit of trust but also some strawberry Pop-Tarts.
"They just stand there and they're relaxed. All of them do that and Pop-Tarts has a lot to do with that," he said.
Tim travels all across the country with his monkeys and border collies. This week's stop -- {A href="" target=_blank}Kansas' Biggest Rodeo in Phillipsburg.
"You have people who went to school here and have gotten married and moved away and they'll tell their spouse they have to go home for rodeo. It's not always understood by that spouse but they come home anyway," said Brenda Chance, the Phillipsburg City Clerk.
Folks started ropin and ridin in 1929, and it's been a source of pride for the town. "It's community orientated and we really appreciate all our volunteer help because without the volunteer help, it wouldn't be possible," said Bob Quanz, a rodeo committee member.
Fourteen to fifteen thousand will fill these grandstands in the next couple of days. For some there's nothing better to do in the summer time. "Not as we're concerned, there's not. This is what we do for a living and we're at a different rodeo each week," said stock contractor Rhett Beutler stock contractor.
Railroad riders in the thirties nicknamed it Kansas' Biggest Rodeo, a namesake that they want to hold onto, even if there's a little monkeying around.

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