Kansas Child Deaths Reach Lowest Number in 15 Years


Kansas is seeing their lowest number of child deaths since 1995, according to Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt in a statement released Tuesday.

The Kansas State Child Death Review looks at the circumstances around the deaths of all Kansans 17 years old and younger. The report is used to zero in on trends and to see where changes need to be made. "The work of the State Child Death Review Board helps usto understand the trends and focus resources where they are most needed to keepour children safe," said Schmidt.

The most recent year data is available for is 2010, during which 441 children died in Kansas. Natural deaths remained the cause in the majority of the childfatalities, accounting for 302 of the total cases. Of the natural deaths, 55percent were infants younger than 30 days. Prematurity and congenitalconditions accounted for a majority of those deaths.

Unintentional injuries caused 91 child deaths in 2010, with 55percent of those being the result of motor vehicle crashes. In the motorvehicle accidents, 71 percent of the fatality victims did not use, or misused,safety restraints.

"We analyze circumstances surrounding child fatality so thatindividuals, groups and organizations can see a clear picture of this tragicissue," said Angela Nordhus, executive director of the State Child Death Review Board. "Hopefully thiswill help us work together to make Kansas a safer place for ourchildren."