Kathleen Godeken-November 2013

Dear NTV News,

For forty years and two generations, students have been
touched by Mrs. Kathy Godeken's teaching. Over the years students have
benefitted from Mrs. Godeken in different ways, but let me explain why I think
she's groovy.

Mrs. Godeken may retire after I'm done in third grade. I
hope she doesn't, because I would really like my little brother and sister to
have a teacher as wonderful as her. I'm very glad I got to have her. If she
doesn't retire, I hope she holds me back. LOL!

In the past few grades I wasn't too good in math, but now
Mrs. Godeken explains things so I understand and I'm even starting to like it.
I'm even starting to like kickball because two days a week we play kickball
with the forth grade.

Another thing I like about Mrs. Godeken is how much she
loves her country. She has been doing a Veterans Day program every year for
twenty-eight years. The reason she started doing these programs is because most
of the third graders didn't know what a veteran was. I learned a lot having all
of the third graders have a veteran come and talk about where they were in the
armed forces.

It's okay if she doesn't win, because I just wanted to share
with you how great of a teacher I was lucky to get.


Linden Biskup, Alma Elementary