Kayak Jak


During the summer months, many teachers find summer jobs or take a little vacation. For one western Nebraskan, he turned his fishing hobby into a full-time summer business.
It's time to jump in a kayak and do a little fishing.
"This is kind of an oasis that people can come to in this area and enjoy the outdoors and
share it with everyone else," said the man sharing a fisherman's paradise, Marty Hughes, also known as {A href="" target=_blank}Kayak Jak.
"The main thing is I like to show the experience of the kayak that it is a very safe activity, a good experience for them and the stealthness of them."
This full-time teacher has been guiding summer trips to Rock Creek for four years and he's eager to share his tips for reeling in the big one.
"Anything goes," he declared. "I have a camper for rent, I have tents, whatever they want to use. If they don't have any outdoor equipment, we got it all for them. We got the poles, lures, bait, whatever they need."
His trips run year round and you're almost guaranteed to get a couple bites. "There's some big fish, there's some little fish. The main thing is you're going to catch a fish here."
Marty will take you out fishing for the day and even cook you some supper. It's something everyone should try once.
"Catching a fish in a kayak is an unbelievable experience. Once you get in a kayak and fish
you're hooked," he said.

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