Kearney Airport May Have Fewer Seats on Planes


A new airline plan could mean not as many seats available and a million dollars less for Kearney.

Great Lakes Airline wants increased support from Kearney and fewer seats on planes. Kearney reports the airline has new qualifications for their pilots. With these requirements, there's fewer pilots to fly the 19-seat planes.

The airline wants to take 10 seats away to have more qualified pilots for the Kearney airport.

The Department of Transportation gives a million dollars to the airport if they have 10,000 passengers a year, but with fewer seats they may not hit that mark this year.

“It would make reaching the 10,000 number very difficult, if not impossible, so that’s a huge concern to us,” said Assistant City Manager Suzanne Brodine.

Over the next two weeks Kearney will be working on a strategy with the Department of Transportation concerning the bid.