Kearney Art Community Proud of Art In The Park


A longstanding summer festival gives the Kearney art community bragging rights, thanks to the quality of talent known both locally and throughout the region.

Nearly 60 artists displayed their work on Sunday at the 43rd annual Art In The Park.

Organizers say it's no easy feat to present here; this show has a great reputation throughout the art community.

"We have a lot of artists that come because they've talked to different artists, those people say 'you need to check out Kearney's Art In The Park and go show there and see what it's about,'" said event director Dan Garringer. "And we take a lot of pride in that, and sometimes it's a hard line to tow, but we do expect some high quality art."

Many Kearney artists are represented at the event, with other artists coming from as far away as Missouri and Oklahoma.