Kearney Bypass May Help Save Lives


On Tuesday, the Kearney Public Works Department presented their plan for the $22.5 million Kearney Bypass Project to the city council. The second phase of a major roadway project in Kearney may help save lives.

The road will extend from 11th Street to 56th Street on Cherry Avenue and will include a bypass over Highway 30.

Local paramedics think the new road may also save them some time on the way to a scene.

"Try holding your breath for two minutes. When you can't breathe, you want someone to come help you and have medicine to help you breathe. It's a long time, it does make a difference the sooner we can get out there," said paramedic Jamie Staab.

Another benefit of the new roadway would come in the form of the traffic it takes from Second Avenue. Currently 17,000 drivers a day use Second Avenue, but with the new major roadway, that number may decrease.

"A lot of traffic that uses Second Avenue doesn't necessarily want to be in the heart of town. They just want to get through town to the interstate; this gives them an alternative route," said Public Works Director Rod Wiederspan.

The new road will also have easy access routes towards the proposed Kearney veterans home and the airport.

The project is expected to be complete by the end of 2015 or early 2016.