Kearney Catholic Fundraiser Hits a Sweet Spot with Waffle Man


Kearney Catholic High School played host to the Waffle Man Saturday night, raising money for their 2013 band trip to New York City.

The school serves up these tasty treats at their fundraiser every year and typically raises a few thousand dollars just in that one night. The band takes a trip every three years and with a price tag of about $90,000 they need to spend the time in between raising a lot of money.

The event is a popular one around the community, bringing in about 500 to 700 people in one night, and it gives the younger band members a chance to hone their performance skills in a casual environment.

While eating their waffles, guests are also treated to live music from the elementary and middle school bands.

Austin Arens, a sophomore tuba player, is very excited to go on the trip this year.

Arens said, "We're going on busses this year. It's about a 30 hour trip so we get to have some fun times with our friends, with Mrs. Lund, (the band director), or Mama Lund as we like to call her."

It isn't all sightseeing and taking it easy once they get to NYC, although that is part of the fun. The band has a very exciting show to play in the Big Apple.

"We are going to be playing in the 85th annual Memorial Day Parade, which is the biggest one in the United States" said Arens. "We get to go see the Statue of Liberty, a bunch of different museums and we get to play for some veterans."

If you want to help the band get to NYC you can still make a donation to the school.