Kearney Catholic Students Learn How to Effectively Use Credit


For many young people it can be a challenge to understand the financial obstacles they may be facing down the road, but one program is working to educate students about those obstacles.

NebraskaLand National Bank has teamed up with the American Bankers Association's Get Smart About Credit program, in hopes of better educating young people about the financial world they are about to step into.

Wednesday, students at Kearney Catholic High School learned all about the financial world they're heading into.

Understanding credit cards and interest rates, as well as building good credit habits were a main focus.

Loan Officer Dan Paradis says, "For young people it can be very difficult to initially get loans or to be able to prove to somebody that they will be able to make those payments, so being able to have that education on how to get started with lending history or how to build that credit score is very important."

Paying for college, being aware of the dangers of identity theft and how to stay protected from fraud were other big topics during the presentation.