Kearney Cheering For Success of "Nebraska" At Oscars


A not so small portion of the Oscar spotlight is shining right here at home.

"Nebraska", directed by Omaha's own Alexander Payne, is up for six awards, and eager movie-goers flocked to the World Theatre in Kearney, to see how the movie stacks up.

Many haven't seen the movie yet, but the opportunity to showcase our state seems an important theme to many of the attendees.

Here's what some had to say:

"I think it would be good for the state of Nebraska; it gets a little more showing for the country," said Shaun Kelly.

"I think people consider this to be a flyover state and I saw Alexander interview the other night, and he said it's just not true," said movie goer Cynthe Johnson. "There's a lot of things around the state that the world needs to know about and this is just a good way to do that."

"I think it's great because it shows some of the myths people think of Nebraska aren't true, that we really are here and it shows how life is," Jodi Ferguson.

"I think a movie like this helps send a light lots of people in bigger cities have never experienced before," said Cathie Kingsley.

"Nebraska" is up for six Oscars Sunday including best picture, best actor and best supporting actress.