Kearney Children's Museum Hosts 2nd Annual Storybook Walk


Story book characters jump off the page and bring smiles to children of all ages at Yanney Park Thursday night.

Princesses, the Big Bad Wolf, even Shrek himself -- all characters that brought smiles to children of all ages.

It's the Kearney Children's Museum's second annual storybook walk. The museum partnered with Crane River Theatre to launch the summer production of "Shrek, the Musical."

"The kids enjoy it, it's another great thing we have here in Kearney," said event participant Corey McIntosh. "It's nice that people take the time to spend with the kids to read to them here at Yanney Park and it's really great!"

"We've been doing these library tours for the last week performing at different libraries for kids," said actors Mollie Craven and Dan Beckmann. "It's so much fun to see the looks on their faces as we walk through the door, look there's Fiona, Donkey, Shrek, Farquaad, it's really, it's an honor to get to do this."

Nearly 350 people registered for the storybook walk.

"Shrek, the Musical" opened Thursday night and runs through July 3rd at Yanney Park.