Kearney City Council Candidate: Bruce Lear


Just hours away until all political candidates will know if they will hold a place in office or be on the outside looking in.

Kearney City Council candidates are asking for your vote, candidates like Bruce Lear. He is an incumbent and has been on the board for the past eight years.

He worked at Platte Valley State Bank for a number of years and now he is the senior vice president of Black Oak Investment Counsel.

Lear says being on the council has make him understand all the issues the city has to deal with and having that budget experience helps him.

"I think I've had a great opportunity to be involved in some great projects and I think over those eight years I've had a chance to put together a pretty strong knowledge base over how our community works; what some of our strengths and weaknesses are as well as staying in touch with people...helping put all that together to have a community that works now and well into the future," said Lear.

Lear says besides those important capitol improvement projects the city has to focus on building up the city.

"Having the ability to put a higher skill set in our population through Central Community College could be a tremendous maker in our community. Housing is another key issue you need to have a quality of affordable housing," said Lear.