Kearney City Council Candidates: Larry Butler


The Kearney City Council candidates are making their final pitch to voters.

Larry Butler is a home grown product of Kearney along with his wife and two sons. Butler is a local business attorney. He's heavily involved in many city boards and he considers himself an independent business person and that's what he says is lacking on the council now. Butler says he wants to be the one to fill that void.

"I'm fairly conservative in my fiscal views. I don't believe in just promoting tax to build up revenue for future use unless we have a utilization for it now," said Butler. "If I vote to spend more for the city council it is going to be my skin in the game."

Butler says for Kearney to maintain its business friendly environment they need to encourage growth.

Butler also says he wants to continue to work on larger projects like the technology park to spur more growth.