Kearney City Council Candidates: Stan Clouse


Election night is quickly approaching as we continue our profiling series on the Kearney City Council candidates.

Current Kearney mayor Stan Clouse is seeking re-election.

The Kearney City Council has five members and then they all meet in December after the election to decide who will be the mayor instead of electing a mayor outright.

Clouse says he wants to continue to be one of the five members creating policies to grow Kearney. He currently works at Nebraska Public Power District as an account manager and says he enjoys representing Kearney.

"I really enjoy what I'm doing and I believe that I bring a lot to our community in terms of giving up my time and energy, not only within the city limits but also recognize that on the state level in being a representative of Kearney. On the state level with the league of municipalities with various task forces and commissions that the governor has nominated and assigned me to," said Clouse.

Clouse stresses that during his time on the council he's enjoyed looking at both sides of all issues and seeing that Kearney is a multi-faceted city.

"There isn't any one person that makes this community go, there isn't any one industry or's all of us working together and to be a part of that piece...and that working mechanism is what excites me because we see all the different resources that we have to make it work," said Clouse.

He also points out that keeping Kearney a business friendly environment is a top priority.

If re-elected Clouse says would love to continue to wear the mayor's hat.