Kearney Community Olympics Brings Community Together


From cup stacking to Crossfit competition, the Kearney Community Olympics help raise some community spirit.

Hundreds of team members pushed their limits in a Crossfit challenge at Joe Greeno field Friday night, during day two of Kearney's Community Olympics..

More than 900 participants are taking part in 23 activities all over town.

Now in its 19th year, it started as a way to get people more active.

"Everybody works hard and three days to have some fun, play like a kid again, maybe meet some new people, maybe do some different activities, maybe get into Crossfit or something like that, enjoy Pickleball or learn about a new park they maybe have never been to before," said Kearney Park and Recreation's Scott Hayden. "So I think it's a lot of different things to a lot of different people."

"I just think it brings the community together, it gives us something to do together, we support the community to give back and the community gives me lot and I think it's a great way to come together, it's fun! I agree," said participants Matt and Amy Cope.

The Kearney Community Olympics continues throughout the weekend.