Kearney Continues to See Developments


Development in Northwest Kearney remains on-task, but traffic flow is now a topic of concern.

Plans continue with the incoming Hy-Vee store, along with new housing near the water tower, and at the intersection of 56th Street and 17th Avenue. With the expansions, traffic signals will be installed, but officials say it will not be done immediately after construction is complete.

Authorities say the intersection at 56th and 17th will be one intersection they definitely need to monitor.

"Certainly as things develop around that area, we will monitor it like any intersection. Appropriate changes in traffic volume and in traffic safety would lead eventually to installing a traffic signal," said City Engineer, Bruce Grupe.

Officials also mention that Hy-Vee will have four different entrances to its business, and there will be no changes in traffic patterns there. Therefore, 56th Street and 2nd Avenue will remain as-is until there is a need for change.