Kearney Dad Convicted in Homemade Bomb Case

Daniel Sindt

A Kearney dad accused of enlisting the help of his 6–year–old twin boys to make homemade bombs has been convicted after changing his plea.

Daniel Sindt, 44, pleaded no contest to felony possession of a destructive device in a Buffalo County courtroom Tuesday.

He initially pleaded not guilty to that charge and one count of unlawful possession of explosives, but the state agreed to drop the second charge in exchange for a no contest plea.

Police were called to Sindt's home at 1103 Avenue B on November 27, 2012, after his estranged wife reported him for allegedly stealing her medication.

Inside his house, a search uncovered more than 10 grams of an explosive substance known as flash powder -- 100 times Nebraska's legal limit for legitimate personal explosives, which is 130 milligrams.

Sindt's estranged wife also told police their twin 6-year-old sons had been helping their dad make bombs while he stayed with them during what she called a "messy divorce," court records say.

Neighbors spoke out about Sindt's arrest back in November.

"I think if somebody's making bombs, obviously they're going to use them," Jamie Zeckser said. "They need to be in jail without bond."

Prosecutors have also agreed not to object to a sentence of probation, but the judge may still decide to give Sindt jail time when he is sentenced in August.

He faces up to five years in prison, and with the 4th of July holiday coming up, a judge Tuesday banned him from possessing any fireworks or explosives.