Kearney Dr. Placed on Probation for History of Chemical Abuse

Dr. Daniel McGowan

A Kearney cardiologist has been disciplined by the state of Nebraska.

Dr. Dan McGowan's license to practice medicine has been placed on probation for the next two years.

Legal documents show McGowan requested a prescription for a controlled substance from a fellow doctor. He used the controlled substance for two years.

The documents also indicate McGowan also prescribed controlled substances for five separate patients, all friends, and work associates. He failed to keep any medical records of the prescriptions or exams provided.

Under a settlement reached with the state of Nebraska McGowan must receive a license marked probationary. He must abstain from the personal use of a controlled substance and is also required to advise all personal treating physicians of his history of chemical abuse.

McGowan was fired from the Platte Valley Medical Group last September.

About a month later he filed a lawsuit against his former partners. Monday McGowan's disciplinary action was made public.

NTV News contacted Dr. McGowan's attorney for a statement, he said McGowan had "no comment."